Monday, 9 June 2014

up there

Amy and I have just got home from a weekend in Sydney. Despite spending the preceding 10 days in bed coughing and wheezing, I decided to go ahead. And I'm so glad I did! We had such a lovely time.

We caught up some of the fantastic people I've come to know in Sydney - even though I was doing my best to keep things low key their company really made the trip. This online world has given me a great deal in terms of connecting with people over the last decade and my time in Sydney was so much the better for it.

Through the social networking marvel that is pin drop (best travel app ever) I also gathered a fantastic list of recommendations for places to visit and eat. As a direct consequence we had a flawless run of spectacular meals (a big ask for a Melbourne girl) and interesting interludes.

Mr Wong was a standout - despite being pushed through in a stupidly short period of time (out by 7.15pm?! Was that really necessary?!) - the food was absolutely brilliant and the fit out is great. Amy tried all the food - even the things well outside her comfort zone and set the tone for the whole weekend by being a delightful, mature companion. If this is adolescence - I'll have more!

As always when in Sydney we lunched at Chat Thai, which was excellent, and tried their new venture Samosorn, which was equally good.

We had an excellent breakfast at Bill's, and another at Paramount, which was perhaps more intersting than excellent given the menu features pretty much no regular breakfast foods. Breakfast at Kitchen by Mikes was delicious, as was lunch at flour and stone and afternoon tea extravaganza by la renaissance was every bit as good as we remembered from our trip in 2010.


Another fantastic recommendation took us to the secreted away Masuda Gallery, full of delightful Japanese paper and textile delights and the consumer lust inspiring Koskela homewares shop.

The MCA is a regular stop whenever I visit Sydney and we were super lucky to catch some the works in town for the biennale. We also explored the opera house, which Amy found particularly interesting, and marveled all over again at its wonderful construction and detailing.

Plus, the best ever toilets.

In addition to all the fun, I was delighted to teach a class at Tessuti Surry Hills. As good a group of students as you could hope for, all enthusiastically making bags.

I talked myself hoarse and generally had a fabulous time while the ever inspiring and faultlessly kind Colette took some lovely photos and helped entertain Amy. Seems totally wrong to call that work! For someone used to working in very large and impersonal organisational environments, every experience I have working for the dedicated and talented family that run this business feels like a privilege.



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neki desu said...

it all looks fun and delicious. totally agree about the internet. the chances of connecting to wonderful people that otherwise one would miss outnumbers the jerks. like in real life.