Monday, 25 November 2013

got it made

It is very hard to get decent photos of my work room because I don't have a camera with the right kind of lens for small spaces, but I do want to follow up my last post because the workroom is really transformed. The solution involved more storage space, but also smarter space. In the photo below you can see my existing monster storage shelves on the left. They took up about half of one wall of the room. On the right is the start of the solution.

David made these for me a while back, custom made to fit my big fabric buckets. He's completely excellent like that. But of course, over time other things built up, like a yarn stash. So I ended up with my layout table perpetually covered in stuff and the space under it solid with plastic tubs. I wanted to get rid of the work table but what to do with all the stuff.

So David extended 3 of the shelves to the other wall (at 6.30 on a Sunday night because he is awesome), creating an under bench storage area big enough for everything that had been under the layout table and up above a long bench at the right height, a place for projects or storage as I need it to be. Above that a few more shelves, not so close as to make the bench awkward to work at.

The effect of all this is the create a solid wall of storage with a multi purpose bench/work/storage area and free up the rest of the room for 3 separate work stations - the knitting machine, the sewing machines and a large desk (which in theory could be cleared to use as a work table). The room feels much less cluttered and since I took the opportunity in the re-organisation to more sensibly box and label my more obscure kit it feels super practical.

It was a great note to hit just prior to a craft camp. Packing, while still time consuming and a rich blend of taking everything but the kitchen sink and missing out on something critical, was smoother because I had the space to lay out piles and easy access to all the stuff. I still missed some things that I leaned on fellow campers to spot me (thanks again!) but in the main, it was a pretty good pack. I didn't even fill the boot!

So I might not have had the full compliment of bits, I still managed to pretty much finish a number of big and time consuming projects. Not as high a volume of finished goods as usual, but very satisfying in terms of quality outcomes.

New doona cover, fitted sheet and pillow cases in Tessuti linen sheeting in straw plus the stunning Warratah print from Ink and Spindle. King bed sized linen is enormous and very heavy so this was a simple sewing job but really exhausting! Lucky I love it lots and lots.

A shirt for each of the loved ones. Amy's still needs a hem and buttons because I wasn't sure about the length, but I'm very pleased with the various fits and designs. Amy's is in a very light weight Nani Iro linen made up using a quite fitted pattern with princess seams from Ottobre, Wil's is a light Japanese organic cotton gingham, delightfully soft, from Tessuti a few years back, and the pattern is from happy handmade sizes 100-130cm and David's is a double gauze cotton and the pattern is from a Japanese book devoted to various styles of men's shirts - very bloody complicated, but really nice.

I also made myself the new Tessuti Eva dress and Lola T, using a combo of jersey and crinkle linen bought last year at Tessuti. I really love the design of this dress, and while I found it a fairly time consuming project, and the crinkle linen wasn't so straightforward to deal with, I am pleased with the final product and am sure it will get a lot of wear in the hot.

I was also thrilled to finally get on the noodlehead bandwagon and make a couple of pouches. Love this pattern! Quick, clever and a really great finished item - I will be making more and putting a few away for Christmas presents and next years fete.

As usual camp was full of excellent food, good times and wonderfully inspiring creative work. You know what I think about this stuff - community crafting is my life fuel and joy and I remain humbled and deeply appreciative of having a corner in this world.


neki desu said...

i ♥ that dress!
i'm full of admiration for all that sewing and organizing.

Kiki said...

Hi, my name is Martha, I am from México, I was searching for a manual or intructions for the singer 200d knitting machine and I can't find any, the true is that my mom, who lost her battle again cancer in 93, has that machine and is being in storage for years, last month I decided to give the strange machine a shot so I unpack the boxes, my mom was very carefull with everything so the machine is complete, except for the manual, If is not much of a trouble, Can you send me a copy of the manual please?, my email is, Thanks in advance and sorry about the english, it isn't my first lenguage, :)

formandreform said...

He sets the bar high that man of yours!

Thanks for a wonderful weekend. It was a great re-charge and re-boot, and I'm still drooling over saturday night's FEAST. Needing recipes for all of it. xx

neki desu said...

hi sooz,
sorry to be the herald of doom ಠ-ಠ

i use your blog as my reader and noticed today that there's something wrong w. the feeds, they do not link, but come out as garble.